Re-election Campaign 2019


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Professional & Education Qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting)
  • Certified Public Accountant of Kenya – CPA(K)
  • Certified Public Accountant – Licensed in Virginia, USA
  • Member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
  • Member of the Association of Women Accountants of Kenya (AWAK).

ICPAK Registration No: 9530

Position Nominated for: COUNCIL CHAIRMAN (2019-2021)

In 2014, I was elected as an ICPAK Council member for a term of 3 years and also chaired ICPAK’s Member Services Committee. I sought re-election and was overwhelmingly re-elected to Council in 2017 to serve a further 3 year term.  I was also elected as the National Vice Chairman of the Institute.

I have served the Institute in various capacities as:

  • National Vice Chairman;
  • Council member;
  • Convener of the Practitioners Development Committee;
  • Co-Convener of Public Policy and Governance;
  • Convener of the Devolution work stream;
  • Convener of the Nominations Committee; and
  • Convener of Member Services Committee.
  • Member of the Accountants Act Review Committee
  • Member of the Implementation of the Amendments to the Accountants Act Committee

In 2018, I was honoured with a Presidential Award of the Order of the Moran of the Burning Spear (MBS) for my contributions to the Accounting Profession and nation, as a whole.  I also represented ICPAK in the Panel to select the Vice Chairperson and Commissioners to the Public Service Commission. 

In 2017 I received a Commendation from ICPAK in recognition of my outstanding service to the Institute and the profession.

What we’ve accomplished in my tenure

My quest for re-election is driven by the following facets that reinforce my suitability for chairmanship.

I have actively served ICPAK in various capacities for more than 7 years giving of my time and expertise to better the accounting profession in Kenya. I have listed my achievements below, giving an account of my involvement in ICPAK activities:

National Vice Chairman

      • As the National Vice Chairman of ICPAK, I worked closely with the Chairman and the CEO. I represented the Chairman when required to and played a key role in advocacy and fostering recognition of the CPA (K) Brand both locally and internationally including articulating ICPAK’s position on print and television media.
      • I represented ICPAK at various conferences locally and internationally specifically at the PAFA Forum seeking to Strengthen Professional Accounting Organisations in Africa.
      • I was visible and available to members – I have interacted and provided Council updates to members and responded to their queries at major ICPAK events and members’ meetings.

As a Council Member at ICPAK:

Over the last 5 years, I have worked closely with Council to achieve the following:

      • Set up the Centre for Public Finance and Tax;
      • An Expanded Media Engagement Framework significantly improving media engagement;
      • Approved a World Bank project to strengthen the Burundi Institute – Profiling the CPA Brand Beyond Kenya;
      • Completed the ICPAK 2019-2021 Strategic Plan
      • Institutional Strengthening of ICPAK and monitoring to ensure implementation of all pillars;
      • Signing of various MOUs to provide opportunities for members:
        • OAG and UFAA – to provide outsourced audit opportunities to practitioners.
        • Council of Governors – collaboration on training Counties and fiscal research opportunities for ICPAK members;
      • Signing of various Mutual Recognition Agreements (MRAs) to ease transfer of CPA skills for members wanting to practice in other jurisdictions and for CPD hours’ recognition (ICAEW, SAICA, CPA Australia, ACCA, ZICA and the Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, and Burundi Institutes).


Amended Accountants Act

      • Actively spearheaded the passing of the Amended Accountants Act working closely with the Chairman and CEO;
      • Successfully lobbied key Members of Parliament including the Majority Leader, Chairman of the Finance Committee, and Members of Parliament to get support for the Amendments in Parliament;
      • I was a member of the Accountants Act Review Committee, a Council Committee, that came up with the proposed amendments to revamp the Accountants Act to reflect the changing circumstances of the accounting professionals:
      • Revisited the definition of an Accountant to ensure that all members whether in public or private sector, practising or non-practising are recognized in the revised Accountants Act to facilitate provision of multiple licensing for different practice categories, elimination of quacks and regulation of all members;
      • Increased categories of membership to include Accounting Trainees, with the ultimate goal of having oversight over all Accountants;
      • Gave ICPAK Council powers to prescribe a remuneration order for Accountants in Public and Private sectors;
      • Entrenched the Code of Conduct in law; and
      • Enhanced disciplinary penalties.
      • Currently, I am a member of the Committee to Implement the Amended Accountants Act.

Convener, Practitioners Development Committee (2017- to date):

      • Actively pursued Opportunities for Practitioners with the Office of the Auditor General (OAG), the Unclaimed Financial Assets Authority (UFAA), and the Office of the Deputy Public Prosecutor (ODPP) – practical training sessions for practitioners held in Naivasha and Mombasa;
      • Published the Firm Management Guide to provide guidance on the fundamentals of running a practice;
      • Launched the Audit Software to assist Practitioners improve Audit Quality;
      • Established the first ever Internal Audit work stream;
      • Signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Safaricom to enable Practitioners set up customized websites for their practices;
      • Created a dedicated site on the ICPAK website for easy access of all relevant tools and guidelines;
      • Developed & approved Guidelines on establishment of Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP) that will encourage the growth of the small & medium practices (SMPs);
      • Approved guidelines on Registration of Firms to create a comprehensive database of all Firms registered and practicing in Kenya;
      • Improved Audit Quality through regular targeted Quality Trainings with Annual Mandates;
      • Implemented the Audit Quality Review and Self-Monitoring tool for Practitioners;
      • Ongoing Minimum Fee Guidelines review for practitioners to be Gazetted;
      • Mutual Recognition Agreements (MRAs) to allow ICPAK members and Practitioners to easily access membership in other professional bodies such as SAICA,ICAEW, ACCA, CPA Australia.

Convener, Devolution Committee (2017- to date)

      • Opened the remaining 8 Physical branch offices on time (for a total 9 branch offices in Kenya) that serve all members in all 47 counties;
      • Devolution of services to members and Growth in Branches –exponential growth in branch membership to over 7,000 members;
      • Allocated staff and resources to operationalize the 8 branch offices;
      • Ensured Sustainability of branches – through a revamped Branch Governance Policy and Branch KPIs, Branch Mentors, and a draft Branch revenue retention policy;
      • Engagement with County Governments –Including Governors and key stakeholders. Several ICPAK members have been appointed to County audit committees, CIDPs, CBEFs because of these engagements.
      • Media training for Branch leaders allowing them to engage media at the Branch and County level;
      • Setting up of the Australian Chapter.

Convener, Nominations Committee (2017- to date)

      • Convener (chair) of the first ever Nominations Committee established by Council;
      • Established the first ever Policy and Framework for representation by ICPAK members to other boards;
      • Set up processes and guidelines on how nominations for ICPAK appointments are carried out including how they are advertised, evaluated, and responded to;
      • Established a performance management policy and evaluation process for members representing ICPAK on committees/boards;
      • Ensured accountability – All requests for ICPAK representation to boards/committees/commissions are advertised to members and nominations are competitively evaluated and all appointments are minuted by Council;
      • Completed a stock take of all ICPAK members sitting on various boards;

Co-convener, Public Policy & Governance Committee (2017- to date)

      • Contributed to Kenya’s legislative framework by giving input on a number of bills including the Budget Policy Statement, the Robin Hood tax, the Income Tax Bill;
      • Concept Note on a proposed Omnibus Amendment legislation to strengthen financial accountability and prudent management of resources in the public sector;
      • A Critique on Pending Bills at County and National Government and their Impact on the Economy;
      • Stakeholder engagements–with the Office of the Auditor General, the Office of the Controller of Budget, the Commission on Revenue Allocation; the Speaker of the Senate; among others to lobby for ICPAK members;

Convener of Member Services Committee:

My key objective was to improve service delivery to members. I was the first Chair of the Member Services Committee after its mandate was expanded from the Training & Development Committee. Working closely with the Secretariat and Council, I achieved the following:

      • Set up the Member Services Division as an independent division within ICPAK;
      • Improved Customer Service through adoption of online platforms for payment solutions, registration for CPD events, updating and approval of learning hours, issuance of letters of Good Standing;
      • Over 70% growth in membership achieved through different outreach efforts including 50% discounts offered on joining fees; targeting members graduating from KASNEB;
      • Initiated and established the Benevolent Scheme catering for the last expense;
      • Growth of the CPD Calendar from 91 to over 200 events to increase price points for CPD events, bring cheaper CPD events to branches and address diversity of CPD needs;
      • Revamped value proposition products including discounts on motor vehicles and spares; fees at KCA University, Insurance; books at Text Book Centre, and other lifestyle services;
      • Focused on the Youth and Young Accountants through the:
        • Inaugural Youth & Student Affairs sub-committee of the MSC;
        • Established the Training and Practical Experience Framework (TAPEF) and Internship Programme to provide practical training and mentorship of young accountants;
        • Established ICPAK Scholarships for Finance and Accounting students from needy background;
        • Started a Mentorship Program where members visit schools and colleges across Kenya to popularise the accounting profession to students.