Improving Service Delivery

Enhancing Efficiency of service delivery

Improving Service Delivery

Grow Opportunities for Members

Improving Service Delivery

Devolution of services to the branches

Improving Service Delivery

Improved ICPAK Brand Visibility

Improving Service Delivery

Enhance ICPAK’s Regulatory Role

Who am i?

I am a Deloitte Partner with over 22 years as an Audit and Advisory Partner. I have significant experience in external audit, risk advisory, financial management, accounting, internal audit, internal controls, and corporate governance. I have extensive local and international experience in the private and public sectors having worked with a variety of organizations and advised management and boards of directors on how to improve their financial management and operational practices.

I worked with Deloitte in the US and India for 10 years, gaining extensive international experience. In 2011 I relocated back home to continue working with Deloitte as an Audit and later as an Advisory Partner. Based on my experience, I believe there is a lot I can offer and give back in a meaningful way to the Institute and the Accounting profession as a whole.

I have a long-standing involvement with ICPAK having actively served on ICPAK Committees and Council for over 7 years.

My track record at ICPAK

I have actively served ICPAK in various capacities for more than 7 years giving of my time and expertise to better the accounting profession in Kenya. In my time, working hand in hand with the team, we were able to achieve the following.

Advocacy & Communication

Advocacy and fostering recognition of the CPA (K) Brand both locally and internationally. Strengthen Professional Accounting Organisations in Africa. 

Institutional Strengthening

Established Centre for Public Finance and Tax. Fostered Expanded Media Engagement Framework. Profiling the CPA Brand Beyond Kenya

Reeling in Opportunities

Signed MOUs to provide opportunities for members. Collaboration on training Counties & fiscal research opportunities for ICPAK members

Bolstering Accounting law

 Spearheaded the passing of the Amended Accountants Act. Proposed amendments to reflect the changing circumstances of accounting professionals.

Practitioners Development Committee

Actively pursued Opportunities for Practitioners. Published the Firm Management Guide. Launched the Audit Software

Devolution Committee

Opened 8 Physical branch offices serving all members in all 47 counties. Exponential growth in branch membership to over 7,000 members. Engagement with County Governments 

Institutional Strengthening of ICPAK

Working in conjuction with the members of the Council, we have been able to achieve tangible results in the form of increased membership, reach, opportunities and service provision to members.

Membership +

CPD events +


Membership Growth

New Branches

My Proposed Agenda

My quest for re-election is driven by the following facets that reinforce my suitability for chairmanship.

Service Delivery Efficiency:

Continued focus on improving efficiency and effectiveness of service to members.

  • Operationalize the ICPAK Call Centreimprove responsiveness to members;
  • Set up the ICPAK Foundation– provide Brand eminence and fulfil our social responsibility;
  • Roll out of the ICPAK Mobile Application –ICPAK at your fingertips;
  • Implement the CPD Online Program – convenient and affordable CPD, webinars and podcasts;
  • Listen to members – and respond to their specific needs;
  • Institutional sustainability through prudent financial management and diversified revenue streams to guarantee adequate resources to support service delivery to members

ICPAK Brand Visibility

Sustain Brand Visibility through:

  • Media Commentaries on topical issues of importance to Accountants and the Country;
  • Engagement as thought leaders on matters of Financial Management and Governance through engaging with key stakeholders such as Practitioners, National Treasury, Office of Auditor General, Office of the Controller of Budget, Office of the Deputy Public Prosecutor, Parliamentary Committees, Kenya Revenue Authority, Council of Governors, etc.

Grow the Profile of the Institute Internationally by ensuring the success of the Mutual Recognition Agreements and MOUs already signed with Global Professional Accounting Institutes and the supporting the International Chapters.

    Enhanced Regulation & Member Protection and Development

    Implement the Amended Accountants Act

    • Provide guidelines to redefine professional practice categories and offer multiple licensing for all members, to eliminate quacks;
    • Approved fee guidelines for practitioners and non-practicing allowances for public sector accountants;
    • Enforce registration of all trainee accountants.

    Member Protection

    • Develop guidelines to operationalize the Member Protection Policy;
    • Implement and promote a whistle-blowing policy and mechanism that supports all ICPAK members;
    • Special focus on the protection of Public Sector Accountants and clear definition of the role they play in public finance management;
    • Support the new guidelines on adoption of the code of conduct and member protection.

    Improve resourcing of ICPAK’s Professional Services Division to better support members on technical matters;

    Improve ICPAK’s investigative capabilities to enhance its regulatory role;

    Enforce the new guidelines on enhanced disciplinary penalties.

      Opportunities for Members

      • Seek (enforce current law) opportunities for members to sit on various committees, boards, and commissions as Finance Experts;
      • Closely work with OAG, National Treasury, UFAA, ODPP and other stakeholders to increase opportunities for members;
      • Focus on the Young Accountant:
      • Mentoring and Entrepreneurship Programmes to help build profitable practices
      • Subsidized online trainings and forums to Young Accountants;
      • Entrench the Training and Practical Experience Framework (TAPEF) and Internship Programmes for practical training and mentorship;
      • Expand the ICPAK Scholarship Programme for students from needy backgrounds;

      Future Accountant

      • Upskill CPAs to retain relevance in the face of evolving technology and emerging opportunities;
      • Revamp curriculum jointly with KASNEB to ensure relevant training on changing role of accountant and emerging opportunities;

      Women Accountants

      • Empower women accountants to be successful business leaders through relevant programs and opportunities.


      I thank you for having confidence in me and my ability to serve you over the last 7 years. I have fully matured as a leader and been truly energized by all the close interactions with members over this period.

      I recognize that there is still much to be done to build on the achievements to date. I believe in diversity in leadership.  I therefore request your vote and support to serve you as the 23rd Chairman of ICPAK.

      I will consolidate the gains made and prioritize action on the pending and emerging issues that are important to all members and to the visibility of ICPAK as a brand.  

      CPA Rose Mwaura
      Tried, Tested, Trusted


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